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Pet Friendly Places and Accommodations

As a pet owner, we often find ourselves complaining how difficult it is to find pet-friendly places and accommodations. It seems very unfair when our pets are well-trained and behaved better than most human guests, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, most hotels have a reason why they don’t allow pets or have a very strict policies that may seem very unreasonable to us: once upon a time, someone has allowed their pets to run amok, disturbed or frightened a guest, or destroyed a hotel property. Even if it happened “only once”, it is more often enough to cause them to put a stricter pet policy in place or even disallow pets altogether.

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Choose accommodation that is suitable for your pet. For example, if your pet doesn’t like other animals, make sure there are no resident pets who might mingle with guest pets.

Your pet should also have a good house manners, he should be reliably house-trained, shouldn’t chew or scratch and or will be quiet on command.

Respect other guest and let them enjoy their stay in peace. We can’t expect people to like dogs exactly the way we do on our own. Learn to respect them, don’t let your dog jump on or rush at other guest or lick them or lean on them unless you know it’s okay with them too.

Don’t leave your dog unattended, even the most well-behaved pet can exhibit behavior they normally would not, when they’re in an unfamiliar places. If your dog has a tendency to bark, then don’t leave him unattended. If you really have to, give him safe Quality Dog Treats to keep him busy and occupied while your away.  *Some dog treats needs supervision. Always read the labels and choose which best fit for your dog.

Take responsibility for any damages your dog does, accidents can happen even with the most well-behaved pet. Keep your pet under control at all times if possible.

Respect the pet policy, it’s already a big thing if they allow your dog to stay with you, if they have other policies concerning your dog, respect them. If you think you can’t, try to find a different accommodation whose pet policy you think you can follow.

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