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Beware OTC Ear Medication For Cat Ear Mites Treatment

By ALL means, DO beware using over the counter ear medications for cats with ear mites. Many precious felines have had severe health issues from use of OTC ear mite treatment for cats as they contain such harsh ingredients. Using pesticides and dangerous chemicals is not needed to get rid of ear mites in cats. In fact, some may cause hearing loss in cats and some cats have actually been fatally harmed by use of ear medication for cats sold by big name brands.


When a cat health problem can be resolved in holistic manner, many cat lovers are choosing to avoid harsh agents being placed into their cats ears. Indeed, cats ears are delicate and so are their internal organs. Cats metabolize medications very differently and as such, care should be taken when treating ear mites in cats. Here you will learn how to get rid of ear mites in cats safely, effectively and most importantly, naturally.

Ear mites in cats are a real issue and they cause distress to the cats and their owners. They bite the ears and make the ears very itchy. The cat keeps scratching its ears and before long, they are a bloody mess. Additionally, ear mites deposit some black debris resembling coffee grounds into the ear and this can lead to cat ear infection issues.

Cat ear mites spread very rapidly and will quickly find their way into the ears of any other pets in your home.

Getting a safe and effective treatment for ear mites in cats started should be done as soon as possible. The longer they stay, the bigger the problem will get.

Using olive oil alone can smother the cat ear mites. If the ears are aching and scratched up or cat ear infection has set in then stronger treatment may be needed. This can still be accomplished in holistic fashion using natural ear drops for cats containing pain reliever and antibiotic to fight off the cat ear infection and stop the ear ache. Dr. Dogs Ear Oil is a natural remedy helpful for healing open wounds on the cats ears, fight the infection and safe treatment for ear mites in cats, dogs and other animals.

If you have other pets in the home, DO give ear mite treatment for cats and your other pets all at the same time. Because they spread so quickly and find their way to your other pets, if you don’t treat the all at once then the problem with ear mites in your home will remain.

Cat ear mites treatment will require some due diligence. It requires giving the ear medication for cats over several days and then follow up in about 20 days when the eggs hatch. Initial treatment will not kill the eggs, you MUST follow up when they hatch in order to entirely get rid of ear mites in cats, dogs and other animals.

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