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6 Ways To Get Low Cost Pet Vaccinations That You NEED To Read

Let’s face it: a visit to the vet can be expensive. Did you know that the average price of a veterinary practice visit is around $50 in the United States? Or that it could cost you $250 to see a specialist? Getting your pet vaccinated can also be costly – an expense that many households just can’t afford. From rabies to deworming to leukemia, the list goes on and on. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are a number of ways you could save money on pet vaccinations – many of which you probably don’t know about. By the end of this article, you’re going to find out how to get affordable health care for your pet without any of the fuss.


The majority of pet owners consider vaccinations to be an essential part of looking after their animal. These injections can ensure that your pet is well-protected against disease or infection, and could save you money on expensive veterinary bills. However, according to the British pet charity Canine Health Concern, some drug companies are encouraging dog owners into vaccinating their pets more often than what’s necessary. Although the charity is not anti-vaccination, a spokesperson said that pets are currently receiving too many inoculations and that some dogs have even been diagnosed with cancer several months after receiving an injection. The charity has called on the Veterinary Medicines Directorate in the UK to issue new advice on vaccination use.


One way to save money on vaccination costs is to speak to your vet and find out which vaccines your pet needs. This can help you to set up a schedule so you know when your pet needs an injection. You might find it easier to budget this way, and you’ll know in advance when to put some money to the side. Remember – vaccines are important for protecting your pet from dangerous illnesses and diseases, so you should make sure your animal is always well-protected.


Not all vets charge the same amount of their services, so if you feel like you’re paying too much, it could be time to shop around. Use a price comparison website to find the cheapest veterinary practices in your area. Remember – just because a practice charges more, it doesn’t always mean the quality of care is any better. Doing your research and looking for an affordable pet clinic could save you hundreds of dollars in vet fees and vaccination costs every year.


If your pet is vaccinated on a regular basis, it could affect the amount you are paying on your pet insurance – especially as some providers will take this into account when calculating your premium. Comparing different policies on the market is a great place to start, and once you have several insurers you are interested in, contact them directly and ask for a full quote. Always check the small print before signing any insurance document, and find out if there are any additional costs. Remember – some insurance policies will only cover part of the cost of a vaccination.


Puppies and kittens are more at risk of developing illnesses and diseases than adult pets as their immune systems have yet to develop. Because of this, they can be susceptible to infections in their first year. Many pedigrees will have already been vaccinated before you welcome them into your home, but it’s important to know what vaccines are due in the future. Although looking after a pet in the first year can be expensive, the number of vaccines they will need after this period will usually drop – saving you money.


Mobile veterinary clinics often have lower overheads than bricks-and-mortar clinics and these savings are usually passed on to you – the pet owner. Low cost pet vaccinations in a mobile veterinary clinic could save you a great deal of money, and you can still expect to receive the high standard of care that you are used to.


Vaccinations are usually cheaper at brand new clinics, who are trying to lure custom – saving you money in the process. Although saving money can be great, it’s imperative that you choose a vet that you can trust, and one that has an excellent reputation. In short: always do your research before visiting a recently-opened veterinary clinic.

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